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GRANT for foreign publishers is intended to foster the publication and promotional activities of Polish children's and YA literature. This initiative seeks to support international publishers in bringing Polish literary works to a global audience.

Foreign publishers are welcome to apply for grant that aims to support the publication and promotional activities of Polish children’s and YA literature translations. The total grant amount available is 6,800 EUR, and it will be distributed among five publishers. Each selected publisher will receive at least 1000 EUR.

If you are interested in participating and wish to learn more or have any inquiries, you can register for one of the three webinars scheduled for 22nd of August, 23rd of August, and 31st of August at 10 am (Webinar – registration form). Attending these webinars will be regarded as an advantage during the evaluation of grant applications. The webinars will cover the following topics:

  • A list of titles covered by the grant. The webinar will provide a comprehensive list of Polish children’s and YA literature titles eligible for funding through the grant. Publishers will have the opportunity to explore the diverse range of works available for translation and publication.
  • Guidelines on how to apply for the grant. Detailed instructions and guidelines on the grant application process will be presented during the webinars. Publishers will be guided through the necessary steps and requirements for submitting a successful application.
  • Q&A session. The webinars will include a dedicated Q&A session where attendees can address their inquiries and seek clarifications regarding the grant, application process, eligibility criteria, or any other related topics. This interactive session aims to provide valuable insights and help potential applicants better understand the grant opportunities.


Foreign publishers who acquire the rights to publish minimum of one children's book from Mamania, an imprint of Grupa Wydawnicza Relacja.

The primary aim of the project is to provide financial support for promotional and publishing activities related to the chosen book(s). The specific publication date will be mutually agreed upon with the publisher, preferably 2 years from the date of the agreement.


  1. Express your interest in purchasing the rights to the book(s) from Mamania publishing house by contacting the provided e-mail address: t.szwarc[at]
  2. Outline your plan for promotional activities in the application form (Grant – application form).
  3. Ensure timely submission of the completed form before 15th of September. Please note that the order of submissions will be a factor in the evaluation process, so it is advisable not to wait until the last minute.

Upon the announcement of the results, licence agreements will be finalized with the five selected publishers. The grant will be disbursed by 31st of October, and the preferred timeline for publishing should not exceed 2 years from the date of the agreement. The project’s settlement will be based on the presentation of promotional activities conducted around the published book(s), without the necessity of issuing invoices.