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Relacja Publishing Group consists of two cooperating imprints – Mamania and Relacja. Mamania has been founded in 2010 by Anna Zdrojewska-Żywiecka. We have published, over the years, more than 1000 children’s, parenting, adult’s fiction and non-fiction books, by both Polish and foreign authors – from 80 to 100 releases per year. We can proudly say that we have become one of the most renowned publishers on the Polish market.

We have a wide variety of board books and picture books enriched with astonishing illustrations. Kids in all ages are bound to find the content that introduces them into the world of general development and good literature. We have popularized Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) method, self-regulation (Self-Reg), attachment parenting, playful parenting, emotional education, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Poland. We are committed to caring for children, their parents, teachers, educators, and psychologists. The best authors and illustrators such as Martin Widmark, Daniel J. Siegel, Stuart Shanker, Lawrence J. Cohen, Marcin Wicha, Emilia Dziubak, Agata Dudek, Zosia Dzierżawska are claimed to be under our wings. Mamania was distinguished with many recognitions and awards by the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, The Polish Book Institute, “Dziecko” parenting magazine and more.

We are proud to provide rights to the foreign publishers.

For translation rights please contact:  

Tomasz Szwarc
Rights Assistant